Friday, May 01, 2009

Well Hello!

Hi Ladies and Gents.

I have gotten a ton of emails asking for more blog inspiration. Sorry, I am in my last quarter of school, I get my degree in June in web design and then you will see lots more ;) I posted some at the end of the post.

I have been really inspired by a scrapbook product lately though. Let me ask you something?

Have you ever gone to a crop and wished you had a certain scrapbook magazine, but who is going to carry pounds of scrapbook magazines to a crop or weekend scrapbook getaway?

Have you ever bookmarked a magazine page thinking it was a great idea for a certain page or picture, then go back to it later and forget why exactly you bookmarked it?

Have you ever started scrapbooking, grabbed a product, remembered you saw a great idea a couple months back (you think), in Scrapbook Trends (you think...or maybe it was Cards), go to look for it through your stack of magazines and not be able to find it?

YES, YES, and YES...for me ;)

I am so excited about Scrapbook Trends new online magazine idea. You get the same issue you would receive in the mail, at a much cheaper cost, and about a month before paper magazine subscribers get it!

I have always loved Scrapbook Trends, Cards, Paper Trends (now Simply Handmade). I actually subscribed to all three for a full year. You should see my scrapbook room with all those magazines stacked up, I am not going to throw them away with how much I paid for them!

Now I subscribed to the online magazine. Only $10.00 a month for the recent issues of Scrapbook Trends, Cards, Simply Handmade, Idea Books, and Bead Trends! I am so excited. I started using it today. Also, next time I go to a three day scrapbook retreat I can have all my issues and ideas with me on my laptop (which I would be bringing anyways).

The coolest part is how interactive it is. You can bookmark pages, search through issues with a search feature, and it has a sticky note feature you can add to pages. Then you can go back and look at just your sticky notes for that magazine. It is going to be so much easier to find what I am looking for now. Some stickies I have posted already are some like, "great boy page idea" and "great use of felt". Then you go back when you scrapbook and click on that sticky note and it takes you right to the page. It is awesome.

If you only want one magazine type (I know I have a lot of hard core card makers that subscribe), it is only $4.99 a month!

O.k. I have to go play and look at the new JUNE SCRAPBOOK TRENDS ISSUE (thats right June is already up for your viewing pleasure)

Try out the online magazine and all the cool features with the Mini-Albums Idea Book : ITS FREE!

Click here to subscribe : SUBSCRIBE

Click here to learn about more, and a list of the benefits: MORE INFO

P.S. I had the pleasure of talking with Scrapbook Trends customer service today (how often do you hear the word pleasure in that sentence...haha). They were really great, going above and beyond....I was truly impressed. They really care about their customers.

April 2009

I made this card for one of my favorite teachers last quarter. I used a conversation bubble stamp and covered it with embossing powder which gave the card great texture. The bird and label die cut is Spellbinders.

Of course I have to post a page about my little man, I love taking pictures of him. I wanted to scrapbook his likes and dislikes at 2 years old. I am a fan of pages that are not 12x12 squares so I let the Pink Paislee border hang off the side of the paper. To get the texture in the plain chipboard @ symbole and number 2 I ran it through the wizard as if I was cutting dies into the chipboard, it leaves a nice groove.