Wednesday, May 23, 2007

We bought a rabbit!!!

Cory today wanted to go look at rabbits at the pet store today, an hour later, we own a rabbit. The newest addition to the family is a Dwarf Netherland Black Rabbit.

The girls LOVE having their new rabbit, Buster. Cory is more interested in the cage. He just kept banging on it, then wanted to play in we let him.

Cory tried putting cory through the door, even though baby Cory wanted was easier take off the top and let him climb in.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Stay Tuned...

I am going to take a picture tonight of a page I created yesterday...I think it is one of my best pages I have ever created!!

In other news, Cory is at work all day. So I have been taking creative pictures of the kids today. Its raining outside so the picnic I had planned for us at the park was a no-go.

Tomorrow I start my homework for Ali Edwards Album class at CKU, so I will have my camera attached to me all day for the week, anyone else taking that class? I am taking it on Saturday (Anaheim CKU in June).

BTW, I posted 14 pages of pictures on my Flickr last night (link is on the left under "let me link you to").

I will be writing later....

Friday, May 18, 2007

Recent Pictures

I have been processing, processing, and processing. I feel like I am doing it in my sleep. I was 3 months behind in pictures so I had a lot to do. Cory was getting sick of me being on the computer all day.

Here are some of my recent pictures....

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Here is a panoramic I did from when we went to the beach the other day :-)

Friday, May 11, 2007

Sorry So Long....

I just can not believe how busy I have been lately. I cant even account for my days sometimes. Hopefully everything will start to calm down a little soon :-)

Madison turned 4 on May 6th. Her birthday party is going to be this weekend. We are going go-karting with her friends from school and neighbors.

O.k. ARE YOU READY...I have not posted my recent stuff in awhile and you know that I have a lot of stuff to post.

These creations were made for or using products provided by: Savvy N Sassy, Timeless Inspirations, Scrappy Girl Designs, Daisy D Designs, MemoryWorks, Create My Keepsake, Just Let Me Scrapbook.

These are using the Daisy D chiphbaord albums that come in a kit, they are featured at Memory-Works.

Pictures I Treasure

Album 1

Album 2

I love these pictures (Cory took them).

This album shows baby Cory from birth
to what will be one year, right now the
pictures go up to 9 months.

This is one of my most fav. recent pages.

I made this card for my friend
I just have to get it in the mail.
This page is in Beckys Page Maps newsletter

This cards backing is a Hambly transparency.
This is my other fav. recent page.