Wednesday, May 23, 2007

We bought a rabbit!!!

Cory today wanted to go look at rabbits at the pet store today, an hour later, we own a rabbit. The newest addition to the family is a Dwarf Netherland Black Rabbit.

The girls LOVE having their new rabbit, Buster. Cory is more interested in the cage. He just kept banging on it, then wanted to play in we let him.

Cory tried putting cory through the door, even though baby Cory wanted was easier take off the top and let him climb in.


Lacey said...

These are great pictures!! I love the ones of Cory in the cage - that is sooo funny!

Congrats on the new pet.

groovyjay said...

My only question is wow is cleaing out the cage? lol

Norma Kennedy said...

Thanks for visiting me. Yup the crib is suppose turn into a daybed and crib.

Luv your pics by the way they are all gorgoeus !!!!

Alyssa said...

cory is to cute!! and the girls look a lot like you when you were younger!!