Saturday, January 06, 2007

First Geocache

Brooke had her doctor appointment on the 4th at Childrens Hospital Seattle. We decided to Geocache in between appointments. We found this one called Bouncing down the stairs that was near the hospital and looked like it was good for kids.

We walked there (about .40 of a mile) with both kids and baby Cory in the stroller. We told the girls we were going on a treasure hunt :-)

When we got there we looked around and found the treasure!!! The kids each picked out a toy and we left a couple dollars and some band-aids and stickers from the hospital :-)

Here are some pictures from our VERY FIRST GEOCACHE. **to learn about geocaching go here

X marks the spot...well not really an X more like an arrow on the

On the way to the Cache

Where I think the Cache is :-)

Yep there it is!!!


CMiYC (James) said...

I saw your blog posting through an Alert I have on Google.

Congrats on your first Geocache! The sport is way to addicting!

-James (CMiYC)

Kelly said...

That is too cool! Great job finding it! What was in the tupperware?

Lacey Igo said...

your pictures and layouts are beautiful Michelle!!! I can't wait to see more of your work with MW Creative Team

Celia said...

I've never heard of geocache-ing! Sounds like fun though!!! :D

Sassy said...

how cool is that! looks like alot fun!

Jenn said...

this is soo cool. what an awesome idea and way to raise awareness!!