Thursday, December 27, 2007

It has been a busy month!

I know December is busy for everyone. January is almost here, school starts again on Jan. 2nd and I will be making my way down to Arizona for my Spellbinders trip.

Here is an album I made recently with Clear Scraps heart album.

BTW I got a couple e-mails asking why I have less layouts on my blog and if I am getting out of the scrapbooking biz. The answer is NO! I am trying to actually submit to HOF this year and so I have been holding back a lot of my layouts that I love and are not for DT. After I decide which layouts I am going to use I will release them ;-)

-Michelle Klomp

***changed my song***


becca said...

I love your work michelle. this heart album is very cool to say the least! LOVE it! good luck on HOF!

groovyjay said...

OMG baby cory is getting big! Your work is great but we all know that.:)

Lacey said...

Wow your baby boy isn't such a baby anymore!!! Wow he's getting big. Great creations!