Thursday, January 31, 2008

And the Winner is:

Lisa H (monalisa)

Congrats! I took fun pictures of my girls picking the name out of a hat but I can not find my memory card reader! UGH it is driving me nuts. When I went to my wedding consultations last weekend I was packing my laptop and stuff in my bag. Well my 1 year old son being a cutie went and took a cord off the desk to help me out. He gave it to me to pack in my bag seeing me pack other cords. I ended up putting it to the side along with some other cords he found and brought me and now I cant find it ;-(

I may have to go buy a new one tomorrow. I have assignments that need to be posted and e-mailed and I cant hold off another day without my reader.

Lisa, email me with your address and I will send the stamps off for you. Thank you to everyone that entered. I had fun and I am going to do it again for sure. I have a TON of stuff that I receive designing that I either have duplicates of or will never use. So stay tuned maybe I will do one a month.

AND when I find my memory card reader or buy a new one I have some fun stuff to post. A new schoolhouse album by Clear Scraps that I had soo much fun working with (its also a CHA sneak peek).

AND if you are attending CHA PLEASE come visit me at the CHA Spellbinders booth ;-)

-Michelle Klomp

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Michelle said...

Tsk,Tsk,Tsk ... no new postings since February 6. Guess you are going to have to make sure I win next time at the Spellbinders booth to make up for my disappointment. Can't believe no one took my bribe to let me win. Just kidding, it's Michelle from Florida. You helped me at the wonderful Spellbinders class at CHA. Just wanted to pop by your blog to say hi and thanks for your help in the class.