Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Now is the time...time to start blogging. It is the craze on the internet and I am a computer junky. I am going to start out with a couple of pictures I have taken recently.

I just got my new flash for my 30D, the
430ex, I have been bouncing flash of of everything and getting some amazing shots...unfortunatly I have not converted any of the pictures as of yet (from RAW), so here are some picture I took last week (before I got my new flash).

Yes Cory is a boy but with two big sisters he has been passed down some girly clothes :-)

Madison found a big puddle to jump in :-)

Love my camera...5 frames per second :-) Brooke and Madison playing and jumping in puddles. Yes, brookes shoes are on the wrong feet, 2 year olds are stubborn.

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