Thursday, November 02, 2006

Recent Pages

I took pictures of my recent pages....

Although i have not finished the journaling on this page, I posted it because I love this little emu. He came into my window at the Wild Animal Park (drive-thru).

I love this page, Madison loves her little siser but they do bug eachother. When I heard Madison one day tell Brooke "stop talking your ruining my ears" I knew I had to scrapbook it :-)

My free spirited Brookie

Madison looked so cute after her first haircut...I was really happy with what the stylist did.

Madison and Brookes favorite place to go to at Sea World was the starfish. I know that they miss it now that we living in Washington.

always creating :-)

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Celia said...

HOW ARE YOU?!!! :) Love the layouts and the pics!! The girls are so adorable!!