Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Circle Journal...

The ladies and I at SNS are doing a circle theme is about where you live. Supplies provided by JUST LET ME SCRAPBOOK, a great online store.

A circle journal is basically a theme album to which a number of people contribute one or more pages. Each member of the circle journal starts with his or her own album, and chooses a theme or topic. The journals are passed, usually by snail mail, from person to person and each person contributes a few pages, scrapping on the topic specific to each journal. The journals go from member to member, until everyone ends up with the journal they started with, hence the name “circle.” When it’s done, you have an album with pages made by each participant, and you can easily see everybody’s individual style and personality. It is a great way to get some inspiration and an even better way to make friends. (copy and pasted from HERE)

I actually made this belt on here, I got the fabric from Walmart and punched wholes in it, then added eyelets, and the belt buckle.

The blank part of this page is going to be filled in after I get my journal back. I am going to put a overview of where the book went.

On the left page everyone will sign their name according to the page number they scrapbooked, on the right inside the passport everyone writes a little about themselves and where they live. The details of the passport are: Name: SNS Circle Journal Birthdate: 3/1/07 Sex: Female Ethnic:Bo Bunny (the maker of the album) Issue Date: 3/7/01 And the passport picture is going to be a picture of the front of the album.

For my page I did Deception Pass...a historical landmark where I live.


groovyjay said...

i love the buckle in this mini book i think the burnt end of the belt just addes charater to the whole look.

Nura Keif said...

Amazing work!! Love the buckle:-D