Sunday, March 18, 2007

my day....

I stayed up late last night, and kinda tired today...but besides that I booked all my flights for CKU. I wanted to wait until after registration to do it. All thats left to do is book the hotel in Fresno (havnt decided where to stay yet), reserve the rental car and schedule the shuttle to the airport from the Marriott after CKU.

All I did today is just schedule my flight and I am freaking out. I am sooo afraid to fly. Hopefully my ipod will get me through it, I am going to be a mess when I get off the plane in Fresno and Seattle.

Now off to my scrapbook room...I have a design due tomorrow.

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jenn said...

Michelle, take a pen with you and roll it off the pads of your finger tips (when you fly this is)'ll feel a "crunch" thats your sinus reflexes. But this will calm you down . I'm a reflexology me I'll give you more tips :)