Friday, December 22, 2006


I LOVE the ribbon in this new kit from Savvy N Sassy.

Notice the one on the bottom, a must have for any ***BLING*** myself. You can order it here. I cant wait to use it, I will post my creations soon :-)

In other news...Today was Corys last day of work for 6 full days!!! I am so excited he gets so much time off. I am going to be doing a lot of scrapbooking :-)

My husband is sooo sweet, he told me he was going to go buy me a scrapbooking gift. I convinced him to tell me what so I can tell him what scrapbook store to go to to get it. It was not hard to get him to tell me, he can not keep things like that a secret. He said I am going to buy you "Calvin." At first I was like huh, then I realized what it was. He said he saw a list in a notebook that said "Fonts I Want", and Calvin was on the list.

He said he did not know what it was for he was just going to walk into the store and ask for Calvin. I told him you better hope no one named Calvin works there :-)

Anyways he could not buy it because none of the stores near me sell Quikutz so we are going to go to the scrapbook store that is an hour away during their New Years Sale and get it (any item 40% off).

It is the thought that counts. Now I have to think of something to get him...any suggestions??

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Kimberly said... this story about Calvin! LOL...too fun!
Have a Merry Christmas sweets!