Thursday, December 28, 2006

Christmas is over!!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas. It was eventful here. The kids went crazy over their presents.

Cory is re-enlisting tomorrow for another six years into the Navy!! I am going to go to the ceremony. I got to have some pictures :-)

I have been scrapbooking SO MUCH, I now have pain in my back/shoulder area on the right. I think it is from the way I sit when I scrapbook. I have had an Icy/Hot patch on it all day. Last night it hurt so bad but I still wanted to scrapbook so my hubby was nice enough to rub my back for about half an hour, it felt so much better afterwards. My first Scrapbooking injury!!

Here is a page I created for Scrappin with Grace. The challenge was to scrapbook something you keep from your husband. I used a receipt from the store showing my cash back. On the letter C chipboard I wrote different words for Cash. I used the circle around the picture to separate the three pictures. I used Heidi Swapp masks for the word secret.

Right now I am working on my entries for Create My Keepsake design team call. If you have not checked them out you should...there is a great group of women over there.

Now here is a question for all of you...New Years I am going to a scrapbook store about an hour away to buy a new Quickutz font, it is my Christmas present but I wanted to wait until the store had a sale.

Out of these which would you choose? If you have them which do you find yourself reaching for more? original first choice
Olivia or

Thanks :-)


share said...

that page is awesome Michelle..!! I love your little secret *teehee*! As for the fonts I totally love the Vixen one! But they are all fun in their own way!!

Kelly said...

LOL, my right arm goes numb when I'm on the boards too much- maybe it's a pinched nerve?? Love the layout- glad we both moved on!! And I'm lovin' the Vixen font as well!

carrie*postma said...

so sorry about the shoulder injury (hee hee)...keep on scrapping through the pain!

That layout is awesome! you did a great job with the design and all the fun elements!

I really like the Olivia font!

dougnat said...

Hi Michelle- I'm checking your blog today!! MY vote is for Vixen!

Jenn said...

that page is totally cool! i love it!! For the fonts I am goin with the Vixen one. That to me is the best! Have fun shopping!

stefani said...

Since the only font I have is Vixen then that would be what I would chose. ;)

I am new to the QuicKutz world but isn't Vixen a limited edition font?

Celia said...

Hmmm...I'd go with Vixen! :) Love that layout!

Islandscrapper1 said...

love this page Michelle, it's wonderful!!!

Islandscrapper1 said...

I love this page Michelle, it's fabulous!!

wendymorris said...

definitely Vixen!!! happy shopping on New Years!!! :)

~sharon (walka*mowlie) said...

oops. another Vixen fan here! lol

jenn said...

This page is awesome Michelle! I love the Vixen font!